As fashion month comes to an end

In an eternal bid to stay connected to the luxury fashion industry, ogling over unbearably unattainable cloth profusely for the last month has become the norm. All while I tell myself I’m not a material girl…

This is how I tell you my never-ending love story…

It’s a constant battle between those who play mind games with me, those that won’t commit to me, and those who are just not that into me, thus making me crave them all the more.

I introduce you (dubiously), in no particular order, to Mr. Chanel, Mr. Dior, Mr. Giambattista Valli, and Mr. Roland Mouret (I think I can work on him)…

Those who have encountered Mr. Chanel before will know what I mean when I say he performs EVERY time, and his most recent performance took blast off’s to a new level, leaving me to feel every emotion under the sun before collapsing into an overwhelming heap of ‘want it, can’t bloody have it

The concern with Mr. Chanel is he does this over and over, and yet I still go back to him, weaker than ever.


The size of that Rocket though…

Then there’s Mr. Dior, the naturally romantic type of course. Don’t let this fool you, this ones so magically acquaint with the inner workings of the female mind that you might assume he was in fact, a woman (ha ha see what I did there).

This time round Mr. Dior left me feeling entirely blue (I apologise), he likes to shake things up once in a while leaving me bewildered and captivated, with a strong dose of crazy psycho bitch.


Once I’ve calmed down from the wrath of Mr. Dior, I come to realise that I could absolutely settle for a less prim and proper version of this guy.. queue Mr. Zara…  Just kidding, I’m here to talk about the bad guys today!

This brings me onto Mr. Giambattista Valli, and this time round he seriously knocked me for dead.

Typically, Mr. Giambattista Valli is incredibly predictable. I know what to expect with this guy, bringing me flowers and frills until I can’t help but love him excessively. Then he did this one thing completely out of character and I swear I almost fell out of love… almost…


Cheating on me with Mrs. Nike is just not acceptable…

Lastly, without regret, it’s Mr. Roland Mouret, and you might think this is an unlikely candidate for my unattainable round up. Infant, I held him down once. You see, he’s the timid grunger type. It took me a while to fall but when I did, I saw his true colours and I found him to be perfectly exquisite.

I have no doubts that this guy is the most attainable of them all, but still, we cannot make it work. Theres too many layers and too much history with Mr. Roland Mouret, and although all beautiful, it’s a doomed love affair.


So as fashion month comes to an end, it’s safe to say my obsession with this battle of the brands lives on.



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