Pink is having a moment and I am fully converted. 

The association with Barbie always put me off the colour Pink. Any shade, any where.
Don’t get me wrong, my most memorable childhood gift was a Bubblegum Pink Barbie Campervan and I was totally smitten. Probably to the point where I felt resentment for consuming so much of my youth in a mindless game of fairytale living.

It went a little something like this… Which, in reality, looks awfully shit in comparison to 2017’s offerings. 

Nevertheless, pink was not for me, even more so when a certain variation of the colour decided to grace itself upon the Torso of just about every Man with a pulse. I’d hear comments like “real Men wear Pink” or “it’s not Pink, it’s Salmon”, and I swear I’d cringe so hard you could physically hear the wrinkles assembling on my forehead.

It must have been around this time when roles reversed and us Women committed to wearing all black everything – without the devotee hashtag (that came later).

The egos of the Salmon clad Male generation ultimately began to suffer as the euphoria of their breakthrough trend lost its impact… And all was right in the world again. We could sleep at night knowing we were safe from being inundated with cries for reassurance from men needing to know if their new office shirt complimented their suit jacket (it never did).
Fast forward to March 2017 and I shit you not, I’ve fallen in love with Pink.

Spring 2017 Valentino did it for me – just look at that turtle neck cape. Shop it here if you’re totally insane. The mix of hues from Fuscia to Pillarbox Red really resonates through my brain cells in all the right places.

Then I stumbled across one of Zara’s many glossy editorial style lookbooks right here, followed by a good few hours of Instagram ogling and a not-so accidental visit to their Westfields Stratford Store, and I come face to face with what I can only describe as heavenly (can’t possibly have copied said luxury designer) fast fashion goodness.

What’s great about Zara is their meticulous attention to detail. Every single product on their e-commerce platform is styled perfectly from head to toe (something you are not presented with by the other fast fashion players).

If you know Zara, you know these pieces won’t stick around long term. What’s new in next week is what all the cool girls want. It’s perfectly acceptable to return every Sunday afternoon right?


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