It’s time that unconventional wedding dresses hit the mass market… 

If I could legit-guarantee this wouldn’t take away their sex appeal, the above statement would be so genuine. 
Whether it’s Vera, Naeem, Monique, or my personal go-to favourite Oscar De La Renta, bridal wear for the elite is becoming less about under skirts and more about over skirts. Think, Ralph & Russo SS14 Peplum and Pants, pictured below.

Whilst this collection is four years old and every designer under the sweet sweet name of bridal has adopted this unconventional combination at some point in their recent careers, I can’t help but wonder why on earth this trend hasn’t reached the mass market yet. 
Does it dilute the magic of your big day? I think not… 
The versatility of this look takes the most bountiful of brides from am to pm, with all that’s jeopardised being those god awful garters…
Perhaps you insisted on said garter- in which case, Oscar de la Renta SS18 provides ample storage space – but switches up normality with #000000 denim, and jewelry which I can only describe as nostalgic (I swear I had something similar that quoted ‘bling bling’) 

Beats Satin Mix every time.
Having seen all of zero brides in recent years shake it up ala R&R and De la Renta, the real question is – Will the mass market dilute the magic of this impeccable solution? 


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